Safe Work Practices

Arboriculture work, including:

  • Tree inspection
  • Pruning
  • Chipping
  • Installation of support systems
  • Felling is required to ensure healthy and safe trees

is required to ensure healthy and safe trees.

Public Requirement:

  • Public Requirement:
  • Public desires and needs trees
  • Public health
  • Environmental protection
  • Business success
  • Reduce certain public costs
  • Cultural practices
  • Food
  • Aesthetics
  • Must be preserved, protected and maintained

Must be preserved, protected and maintained

  • Trees grow tall and large
  • Tree workers must
  • Enter and work in tall tree crowns
  • Cut and fall large trees and tree parts
  • Move, cut and chip fallen wood

Exposes workers to potentially hazardous conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Falls
  • Crushing from falling/moving trees/tree parts
  • Electrical contacts
  • Lacerations from cutting equipment
  • Animal and insect injuries
  • Arboriculture (35 deaths/100,000 workers/year)
  • For all industries (USA) the average fatality rate is 4 deaths /100,000/year
  • Arborist: Chance of injury = 1:1,200
  • 3 times higher than Police or Fire
  • Risk of serious accident (2 days in hospital or death) for tree worker = 1:120
  • Tree workers experience 6.4 deaths per 100 accidents
  • Though the equipment has gotten safer, accident rates have gone up (Attitude or overdependence on safety equipment?)
1. Struck by tree or branch
  • No safe work zone established
  • Inadequate communications
  • Improper felling practices
2. Falls - ropes or aerial platforms
    Disconnect fall protection Cut fall protection Platform or boom failure
3. Electrocution
  • Inadequate tree and site inspection

Root cause:

  • Inadequate training, knowledge and experience
  • Nonconformance with safe practices and procedures
  • Improper tools or equipment
  • Damaged tools or equipment

The more outside training, the safer the company

  • Only ½ of companies conduct outside safety training
  • They have an accident rate 1/3 of other half

Safety is an Attitude/State of Mind

  • Concentration and attention to work
  • Knowledge of safety equipment & practices
  • Consistent, appropriate safety practices

Safety must be built into every task performed by tree workers.