A and A Tree Services

A and A Tree Service Inc. our timely deep root feedings will help your trees survive and thrive by increasing their resistance to drought conditions, insects, and fungal disease. In addition, the products we use will make your trees look their best, with fuller, more beautiful tree crowns. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we can deliver the professional service and cleanup that you deserve!


We can trim trees that are hanging over your home to prevent damage and also trim off broken or dead limbs. You can also call us for seasonal maintenance so that when storms come through the area the trees will weather the storms.


We can trim large and small bushes and trees so that they can withstand winds during storms. We also trim them so they do not damage power lines.

Stump Grinding

After removing a tree, we can remove the stump with our stump-grinding machine. The machine grinds the stump down to the roots, so you will not notice the stump anymore, and it also helps prevent re-growth.


After we remove a stump, we can turn the wood into wood chips. You can keep the chips for your yard or we can remove them for you. The removal cost is included.

Tree Removal

We can remove almost any tree. We start by trimming the tree from the top to the bottom, and then we talk with you about options for the remaining stump and give you advice on what will benefit you.

Limb Removal

Limbs of trees are pruned for any one of the following reasons; they’re dead or diseased, they’re crossing or rubbing another limb, they’re growing inward or competing with another branch and one needs to go.